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Certificate of Bid and Purchase for Land or Building by Foreigners

List of Required Documents: 

  1. The Copies of Applicant’s National ID Card/Passport 
  2. The Copies of Agent’s National ID Card/Passport
  3. The Copies of Registration of Foreign Company (Authorized by Competent Authority)
  4. The Copies of Litigious and Non-Litigious Agent Certificate
  5. The Copies of Reciprocal Treatment Document (Waived if included in the list of reciprocal nations for foreigners acquiring land in Taiwan, R.O.C.)
  6. Land Use Zoning Certificate
  7. Land Registration Transcriptions
  8. Building Registration Transcriptions

How to apply:

  1. Go to Department of Land Administration to apply in person
  2. Apply online (online appointment)

Processing period:

  1. General application (non-network): 10 days
  2. Online application: 10 days


Division for Land Registration Affairs, Department of Land Administration

Relevant regulations:

  1. Article 20 of the R.O.C. Land Act
  2. Operation Directions for Foreigners to Acquire Land Rights in the Republic of China