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  1. Taipei City has started to collect kitchen waste from every Household. We greatly appreciate your cooperation. 
  2. Please sort the kitchen waste into two categories: Food waste after cooked and kitchen garbage.
  3. If it is edible for pigs, then it is classified as “kitchen waste provided for feeding pigs”. If it is not edible, then it is classified as “kitchen waste used as fertilizer”.
  4. The collection schedule and locations for kitchen waste are the same as those for general household waste.
  5. Please do not mix the garbage with kitchen waste. Violators shall be fined between NT$ 1,200 and NT$ 6,000. 
  6. Before collection, kitchen waste must be emptied, drained and contained in the kitchen’s garbage bin, which will then be separated into “food waste provided for feeding pigs” and “kitchen waste used as fertilizer” while being collected. 
  7. Plastic bags used for kitchen waste can also be disposed in the garbage truck or garbage bin.
  8. Cook only as much as you can eat, so that food will not be wasted and kitchen waste will be reduced. 
  9. Leftovers should be recycled as soon as possible. 
  10. Remove the packaging and do not mix remains such as chopsticks, spoons, toothpicks or tissue papers with kitchen waste.
  11. While recycling durian and coconut shells, please hand it directly to the cleaning staff and do not dispose them as with kitchen waste, for the ease of processing.
  12. For further information on kitchen waste and sorting procedures, please call: (02)2720-8889 ext. 7273 for inquiries.