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You will need to prepare:
  1. Household certificate
  2. ROC ID card
  3. seal (signature).
  4. One photograph
  5. The court ruling and the certificate of determination of the ruling.
  6. Agreement on(Change of) Surname of Adopted Child
  7. Letter of Attorney
  8. Agreement on (Change in) Rights and Obligations of Minor

How to apply:
  1. Go to any household registration office to apply in person
  2. Online Appointment (You have to go to the household registration office which you designated to apply)

Processing period:
  1. General application (non network): 1 hour
  2. Online appointment: 2 days

household registration office

  1. For adoptions of people from the mainland area, in addition to the relevant adoption documents from the mainland that have been verified by the SEF, they still need to be approved by our court.
  2. The adoption registration confirmed by the court's ruling shall be processed within 30 days after the ruling is confirmed. If the application is still not filed after being urged, the household registration office shall directly register the adoption in accordance with Article 48-2 of the Household Registration Law.
  3. According to Article 9, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 5 of the Name Regulations, the person who is adopted, revoked or terminated may apply for a name change.