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  1. For job application, foreign spouses of R.O.C. nationals shall present: (1) identity card (original), (2) Alien Resident Certificate (original), and (3) original joint-family household registration data (e.g.: Copy of household registration). ※Foreign spouses are not allowed to work before getting the Alien Resident Certificate.
  2. For job application, foreign students shall present 3 valid identifications: (1) Alien Resident Certificate (original), (2) Student ID (original), and (3) Work Permit (original).
  3. Except during summer and winter vacations, foreign students with work permit shall work no more than 20 hours per week. The validity of work permit issued to a foreign student shall not exceed 6 months. ※Employer shall prepare and maintain workers record card (Article 7 of the Labor Standards Act) and notice the term (time limit) of foreign emplyees’ work permits or Alien Resident Certificates.