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You will need to prepare:
  1. Household certificate
  2. ROC ID card
  3. seal (signature)
  4. One photograph
  5. Consent to Acknowledgment and Agreetment on Surname and Rights and Obligations of Child Born Out of Wedlock
  6. Agreement on (Change in) Rights and Obligations of Minor

How to apply:
  1. Go to any household registration office to apply in person
  2. Online Appointment (You have to go to the household registration office which you designated to apply)

Processing period:
  1. General application (non network): 1 hour
  2. Online appointment: 2 days

household registration office

Documents prepared abroad should be verified by our embassies, consulates, representative offices, offices or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; documents prepared in the mainland or Hong Kong and Macau should be established or designated by the Executive Yuan. Organization or entrusted civil society verification.If the document is in a foreign language, a Chinese translation certified by the overseas embassy or certified by a notary public in China should be attached.