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Documents required:
If you married in Taiwan, you will need to prepare:

  1. Household certificate
  2. ROC ID card
  3. seal (signature).
  4. One photograph
  5. Marriage Agreement (bearing signatures of two witnesses)
  6. Chinese name declaration.
  7. Identification Cards of foreign spouses and marital status certificates with Chinese translation and certified by R.O.C. foreign missions.

If you married abroad, you will need to prepare:

  1. Household certificate
  2. R.O.C. ID cards
  3. Seals (signature)
  4. One photograph
  5. Marriage certificates with Chinese translation and certified (verified) by R.O.C. foreign missions, plus “This juridical act conforms to the formal requisites under the law of the place affixed. Then marital status certificates could be exempted.
  6. Identification cards (e.g., passport) of foreigen spouses.
  7. If the foreign spouses unable to return to the R.O.C. with the nationals, then additionally the foreign spouse must submit his/ her Chinese name declaration certified by R.O.C. foreign missions.

How to apply:

  1. Go to any household registration office to apply in person
  2. Online Appointment (You have to go to the household registration office which you designated to apply)

Processing period:

  1. General application (non network): 1 hour
  2. Online appointment: 2 days


household registration office


  1. If you married in Taiwan,you and your spouse shall apply for marrige registration in person in any household registration office. However, the applicant can be one of the parties if the marriage was effective.
  2. If your country is one of the particular countries announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you need to complete the marriage registration in your country first. Afterwards, submit all necessary documents to ROC embassy/consulate/ representative office to apply for an interview. Then, complete the marriage registration at any household registration office in Taiwan with the marriage document verified by ROC embassy/consulate/ representative office. Please contact ROC embassy/consulate/ representative office in your country for relevant details.
  3. If a national and a person of the Mainland Area would like to apply for a same-sex marriage, as it involves the reason for entry, interview mechanism, registration procedures and other administrative management measures as a whole, it shall be handled in accordance with the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area and other relevant regulations.